As the world is witnessing a significant shift in people aiming to perform jobs they are passionate about, the freelancing culture is rapidly growing. At JoLancer, we aspire to equip freelancers in Jordan with a full comprehension of what it takes to make the most of any opportunity. In 2019, we launched our services that are dedicated to promoting the true freelancing concept by providing mentorship and support, conducting training sessions, or linking freelancers to their preferred fields of interest and expertise. Our team includes top professionals with local and international experience with more than 25 years in entrepreneurship, startups, freelancing, mentorship, legal, and business development.
In 2020, the global online freelancing market is estimated to reach 20 billion dollars and potentially limit unemployment challenges. At JoLancer, we aim to lead freelancers in Jordan by providing the most in-demand skills by investing in their talents and undiscovered abilities.

Our Experience

Entrepreneurship - 15 years
Business Consulting - 10 years
Business Support Services - 10 years
HR & Recruitment - 8 years
Online Freelancing - 7 years

A Word From Founder

Dawood AlSahili

Everyday we are shown the undeniable necessity of changing the conventional way of thinking regarding the way we see our jobs. I believe that, in 2020, the freelancing work force has proven itself to the most effective method of performing jobs in times of uncertainty. At Jolancer, we aim to bridge the gap between talented individuals and the freelancing opportunities with utmost dedication.”

Training Programs

Why Choose Us

We focus on results.

With Jolancer, it’s more than a training or mentorship opportunity – we take pride in both the challenges we face and the solutions we provide. We encourage freelancers to achieve the best results in all endeavours of freelancing and aren’t satisfied until every project meets our high standards.

We understand the market.

In the vast freelancing field, the choices are limitless. Through our agency services, we link freelancers with the most suitable opportunities. With years of experience, we are able to analyze the hidden potential behind every freelancing project to allow freelancers in Jordan to get the maximum benefit.

We are up to date with tech advances.

The unprecedented innovation in technology is revolutionizing work structures. In current times, staying up to date with the latest tech advances requires a constant effort. At Jolancer, we are fully aware of the importance of understanding technology to achieve projects that satisfy both the freelancer and the client.

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