Our training service helped more than 500 freelancers engage in the market. We trained our clients to discover their talents and freelance identity in order to utilise them in building professional profiles. Whether it’s online interactive sessions or traditional face to face training, our methods proved to be highly efficient with staggering satisfaction rates. At Jolancer, we encourage innovative self-development. We aim to create a community of freelancers in Jordan who are able to evaluate their progress and confidently decide on their next step.

A Glimpse into our Trainings:

Our training sessions are designed to equip trainees with innovative tools to meet the needs of their online opportunities. Upon the conclusion of the training phase, the mentorship phase will follow as a method of individual support, advice and guidance to freelancers.


  • Our training sessions are a great starting point for freelancers to understand the theoretical foundations of freelancing. With our interactive projects, trainers will have hands-on experience and access our mentorship service that provides personalized support to help implement the different goals of our training phase.
  • Our mentorship methods will reduce the drop-out and inactivity rates of the trainees upon completing their practical training. Individual support will help freelancers get more insight on their performance and help them achieve their desired tasks.


  • This service allows each trainee to choose a different OFL platform and interact with various types of customer demands achieving flexibility and adaptation to both clients and projects.
  • Training sessions can be done in small group format (breakout rooms) or one-on-one, direct sessions.


  • Online.


  • By addressing specific and real business needs, freelancers would comprehend needed business skills, how to avoid inconvenience and weaknesses, which would allow them to start building their freelancing personalities from the very early stages of their OFL career.
  • Our sessions are built around teaching problem solving, pricing and negotiation, writing business proposals, and communicating with the client. Understanding these primary skills would qualify our trainees to start their career equipped with knowledge, confidence and excitement.