Mahmoud Alkurrad Graphic designer The training motivated me to enter this world. I am working recently on creating accounts on the online freelancing platforms.

Noor Alkhalif digital marketer I realized the value of social media, online platforms as places to find a job and get an income. Now my experience developed because I officially manage social media pages.

Dalia Albalkhi digital marketer I can search and attract jobs in a different way now thanks to OFL program. I currently freelance in education field.

Alaa Alhariri Data Entry This training shifted my focus to work on actual profitable platforms specialized in online freelancing.

Mohammad Khalaf Graphic designer Now I have a wider vision to work internationally. I can build a strong proposal and attract customers.

Dima Alsiba’i digital marketer I am planning on building my own freelancing business in digital marketing.

Qais Abo Alrazzaq Graphic designer Now I am armed with skills to help achieve my goals.

Jamal Othman Graphic designer I am Planning on sailing in the freelancing world and expanding my business in programming and design. In addition to collaboration with other freelancers in content writing, and digital marketing fields.

Emad Ammar graphic designer I realized that freelancing is a great way to manage my income and my effort, unlike companies and stores.

Hossam Abazaid graphic designer I learned multiple skills like planning, organizing, targeting freelancing platforms.